A slow start to the day. Up at ten – coffee – myspace – youtube… Sean Bedlam! Always good for a laugh fist thing in the morning.

Keep walking past the picture I should be working on, trying not to notice it. —

Back to the computer. Spent some time flitting from ebay, etsy and yessy – all possible outlets for anything I might make, eventually, if not rushed, and assuming nothing else pops up offering itself as a worthy distraction, or even just as an alternative for doing something practical.

Saw Chap the day before yesterday – upbeat as always and thinking of heading back to France in a month or so. I plan on following out there sometime after, possibly with Ror, who got back from New Zealand a couple of days ago. Another totally upbeat person. Had bought himself a stupendously fast motorbike on landing in the country – he knows how to enjoy himself!

Doesn’t look like we’ll be getting much of a Summer this year. But it’s mild, which is okay – the perfect weather for Norwich in fact: not so bad that you feel the need to do anything about it, and not as good as you feel it could be 😉

It’s mid-day – I’ll work on Sigurd today and maybe pop into town if it looks like we’re going to get a clear spell.