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happy as can be, all good friends and jolly good company.”

First there was the 4 minute warning. Then AIDS. Then WMD’s. Now it’s some other made up bollocks just like the ones before. There’s always something about to end the world. But the world goes on. And can change into something unrecognisable in a heartbeat because of something that happens to you, personally. But the world goes on.

I wish I loved the human race
I wish I loved its silly face
I wish I liked the way it walks
I wish I liked the way it talks
And when I’m introduced to one
I wish I thought, ‘What jolly fun!’

Walter Raleigh (No, not that one).

Anti-Feminism. Toxic Masculinity. Trump. Left is Right; Right is Left. The Red Pill. Real Artificiality. Alternative Facts. Nano-Fractal-Quantum-Computers. WAR DEATH TERRORISM. D’oh! What goes down comes up. Public Privacy. Smart Things. Anti-Social Media Platform. Freedom of… Shhh! The future is… unpredictable. Tranny-Humanism. LGBTQ+%?*! Ctrl-Alt-Right-Delete. Sadam Obama Bin Ladin. Dark Matter / Doesn’t Matter.

signs and poor tents

A sad man who’s sane,
whose arm has been laden
with Twin Towels (9 x 11)
is fighting a bush over an oily ear rack.
Ewan counts ill. Finds 14 for tea, 1 in britches.
Coffee Anon.

Is IsIs is? Al Qae-Akber!

Taxation is theft. Jet fuel can’t melt steel. Alphabet Soup. The Powers That Shouldn’t Be. The Tiny Dot. SJW’s. Identity Card Politics. Madness gone PC. Full Spectrum Surveillance. MKUltra. MGM.

Home. Peace. Green. Lil D. Mrs B. Baking Bread. Fresh Eggs. Fruit trees. Winged Things. Creativity. Breathing. Love.

And it’s not even 9am!