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How to confuse a bear.

I was telling Lildeanobear aka Little Deano Bear aka Little DB aka Lil’D (smaller but older sibling to Deano Bear aka Big Deano Bear aka DB aka Big DB) the other day about how there are some times of the day that are not a tea-time of the day… well, not for me anyway. He looked so confused, and a little worried. I explained that if I drink tea after a certain time (Little DB doesn’t really do time as he (‘he’ is just the pronoun we use most of the time though LDB’s gender is unknown) has never learned to count) in the evening it will make me get up in the night to go for a wee. After a couple of seconds thought he said, ‘But wouldn’t you be getting up, anyway, for a cup of tea… and a samwich? I like cake!’

Forget me whats (1)

I couldn’t really say that this couldn’t be the case as then I would have to try to explain what was going on all night that stopped me from making tea. Lil D doesn’t sleep for very long periods of time, and as he (as I said) doesn’t really do time it all gets a bit confusing.

He does understand the number four (sometimes) because four rhymes with paw and he has four of those. However, there have definitely been occasions when his idea of what four actually is have strongly indicated that he still doesn’t fully grasp the idea of number/s.

Anyway… must be time for foursies!