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Spring is sprunging and it’s a wonderful feeling (whether you like it or not) and it could be more wonderful in so many ways but for the grace of God. Not least of all is time apart from my other half who lives in Sweden and should be here by now or soon, but sadly probably won’t be for a while as we can’t afford it. We try to be together every two or three months but sometimes it’s just not doable as we are both arty types and don’t earn any extra with our work. Still, we have the technology to keep in touch, and absence makes the heart grow fonder.

The bears miss each other too 🙂

IMG_7637 (2015_12_23 20_54_24 UTC)

With a bit of luck, and if I pull my finger out and get some work done, we can hopefully book a flight in the not-too-distant future and get back to cooking on the fire and getting drunk in the garden.

Laters taters!