This is Little Deano Bear aka LDB. He is my house-mate, studio-assistant, food taster and asker of strange questions. He has also modelled for me to draw and paint and sculpt, and can sit surprisingly still for such a mischievous bear.

Here he is in one of the first drawings he sat for

Little D sketch (2015_09_28 11_13_35 UTC).jpg

And here he is being very patient while I sculpt

Lildeano sculpture (1).JPG

The finished piece

lildeanobear sculpture.jpg

Now all painted and eyes put in


He can also sometimes be a very thoughtful bear

lildeanobear the thinker.jpg

You can follow LDB on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/LilDeanoBear?lang=en for updates on his daily antics. And I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t 😉

And his big brother is on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/Deano_bear?lang=en

The Deano Bears have recently set up a blog too: https://deanobears837325318.wordpress.com/

If it wasn’t for this little bear I think I’d go quite mad! 😉