Is there such a thing as a C***?


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cunt embroidery small (2015_09_28 11_13_35 UTC)

And if so what are the defining characteristics?

And if there is such a thing is it wrong to mention it?

And if it is wrong to mention it to what degree should that be punished?

But first we have to decide if there is such a thing. The word itself is used as an insult, and I’m not sure an insult can be either true or un-true. Or rather I’m sure it can be true or un-true but that that is not usually the primary purpose for the use of the word. It’s merely meant to cause offence, and usually in response to something the issuer of the insult is either offended, insulted, or angered by themself. But it can also be used in jest, so intent comes into the equation. Not that these things are necessarily independent of each other. And still the question remains: Is there such a thing as a cunt? Though I suppose to be more accurate the question should be ‘is there such a person as a cunt’?

It’s hard to believe that there isn’t. The word exists for a reason after all, and it is a description of a person, or at the very least a quality they posses. I don’t suppose that a person can be nothing but a cunt — certainly wouldn’t want to think so, anyway, though the world is a weird place and Allah does love wondrous variety so who knows! But as a rule I think all people can be considered to be more than just a cunt. But that is not the same as saying nobody is a cunt. So cunts exist. And a myriad of things can make a person a cunt and to a widely varying degree. There are also good cunts and bad cunts; That is something that appears to be being overlooked as far as social media companies are concerned.

So why do I ask the question?

I was recently temporarily suspended from Twitter for 12 hours. I could still view the site but most features of my account were locked. The 12 hour period would only begin to count down once the offending tweet had been deleted and a phone number (confirmed by receiving a code) had been provided.

Here is the the message I got from Twitter and the offending tweet:

deanus blockedTo clarify: I did not simply tweet that comment at them as appears above but rather I retweeted a tweet by one of the two people named (Russell Brand and Sam Harris) along with the comment. The tweet I RT’d was of the interview the two of them had on Sam Harris’s Youtube channel. Childish and immature and totally unnecessary, I know, but was it promoting violence against, threatening or harassing anyone based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease? I would argue not. The tweet definitely does not promote violence in any way, and I can’t see how a single tweet can be taken as harassment, and certainly not on any of the grounds listed. At best it could be falsely seen as harassment on the grounds of being a cunt, but as being cuntese, or suffering from cuntability or a person’s cuntnicity are not included in their list of protected groups I can’t see how that would hold up to scrutiny. Nor do I see how it can be deemed hateful conduct as that would assume my motives. Am I wrong?

I wish I had clicked the link at the bottom of the page which read:

If you think we’ve made a mistake, contact our support team.

Then I could have argued my case that Russell Brand is indeed a cunt, and that Sam Harris probably is too, though that may be more open to debate…. but only maybe. Is this merely a matter of opinion? Is nobody an actual cunt? What are the qualities that make a person a cunt? Here’s a few I think can easily be included: Bad cunts: Spite, being obnoxious, the obtuse, lying, hatred, bigotry, arrogance and narcissism. Good cunts: Wit, fearlessness, creativity, imagination, honesty, insight, passion. There are many more aspects that can be included and not all of these on their own would necessarily make someone cuntious, and nor would the possession of all these qualities, good or bad, guarantee or even indicate that someone is of a cuntual persuasion, but a pattern emerges over time until one eventually sees the right combination of traits often enough to come to the conclusion that this person is indeed a complete and utter total cunt. Or maybe just a bit of one.

Doesn’t everyone have a little cunt in them? Doesn’t every family have at least one cunt in it?

Maybe I’m the cunt. There are some very good reasons to suspect I might be. But if you think I am then make your case and maybe it’ll make me a better person. I certainly won’t go about getting you removed from social media just because of your opinion of me, be I offended or not.

Russell Brand has made a living out of calling people a cunt, and I guess he has done well with it because people know he is joking, even when he is also correct. It doesn’t matter if the correctness of the observation is intentional or not on the part of the articulator of the expletive, does it?

I could go into a long list of things that I believe demonstrably prove that Russell Brand is in fact a cunt. A provable cunt. A certifiable cunt. But I think the fact that he had my account suspended because I called him a cunt is not a bad example on its own. Most people, if not all people would simply ignore a tweet like that, block the user and get on with their day. Celebrities don’t seem to be able to do the same. — There’s an irony in there somewhere. All of which can also be said for Sam Harris.

Is it hateful or funny to call a cunt a cunt, especially if that person is considered by many to be a prime example of an exceptionally cunty person? I suppose it might depend on whether they are the good or the bad kind. But do we really want social media companies to penalise users for ever-so-slightly risqué comments, even if they are childish and immature and totally unnecessary? And if so then why not say so rather than dressing it up as some kind of ‘hate speech’.

I’m not talking about the rightness or wrongness of such a comment (although it’s more about the fact that the comment included the Twitter handles of those it was referring to. You can call Russell Brand a cunt all you like on Twitter, but once you add the @ symbol it changes things, but only when those people are celebrities). I can appreciate that it is probably wrong in the sense of not very constructive; It’s not what you’d call a well thought out and considered statement. And I’m sure it would be better if all statements were, though I can not help but think that attempts to regulate speech so that only thoughtful and considerate comments are allowed is an idiotic aspiration. And let’s not forget that sometimes a very pointed comment can have the desired effect, if the desired effect is to snap someone out of their self involvement and bring them down to Earth with a bump so-to-speak. Doesn’t always work and it’s a skill like any other, but it does lend itself to the argument that sometimes it is not wrong to insult someone in quite a base manner in order to make a point: The form is also the message, or at least it can be.

What do you think? Are people overly sensitive, or should we police speech for its perceived offence? I would genuinely love to hear what people think about this either in particular or in general. It is a topic that has been brewing for a very long time and is extremely relevant right now and only becoming more so.

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Cuntinuity: Keeping a tidy vagina 😉

Header photo embroidery by minutedetaileroftheuniverse


Kylie II sold on Etsy


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Made my first sale of a drawing on Etsy recently. I have about a dozen drawings up at the moment and will add more soon. It was very encouraging to make a sale so soon after opening the shop and I hope it is not just a glitch and that more sell soon. There are so many ways of selling art online either as originals or as prints but one has to settle on just a few or it becomes too much work to keep them all going. Selling an original is a great feeling and is a great incentive to do more drawing.

Dean Harkness Art

My Etsy Shop:

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Mrs Blackbird and Her Brood

A couple of years ago I got to know a female blackbird very well. And she got to know me. Each day would start with me preparing her some food, usually some home made bread with seed mixed in, or some high energy bird food. I’d go out into the garden and give a little whistle and she’d appear in a few seconds at my feet and have some food. Often times I would be working, digging away, and Mrs B would stay close by waiting for any worm I’d throw her way. And many a time she’d jump right in the hole I was digging to get the worms herself.

Mrs B beauty (1) (2015_09_28 11_13_35 UTC).JPG

She had made a nest in the shed over a couple of days, so I would go in there as little as possible from then on, and she immediately laid and egg a day for four days.

Blackbird 1 egg (1) (2015_09_28 11_13_35 UTC).JPG

Blackbird 2 eggs (3) (2015_09_28 11_13_35 UTC).jpg

Blackbird 3 eggs (4) (2015_09_28 11_13_35 UTC).jpg

Blackbird 4 eggs (14) (2015_09_28 11_13_35 UTC).jpg

After about 10 or 12 days the first egg began to hatch

blackbird chicks (2) (2015_09_28 11_13_35 UTC).JPG

blackbird chicks (1) crop small (2015_09_28 11_13_35 UTC).jpg

And after 4 days there were 4 pink chicks that rapidly grew in size. Every 24 hours they looked totally different.

blackbird chicks x 4 small (2015_09_28 11_13_35 UTC).jpg

Day 4
Blackbirds 4 days (2) (2015_09_28 11_13_35 UTC).JPG

Day 5
Blackbirds 5 days crop (2015_09_28 11_13_35 UTC).jpg

Day 6
Blackbird chicks 6 days (2015_09_28 11_13_35 UTC).JPG

Nest full of chicks (2) (2015_09_28 11_13_35 UTC).JPG

Nest full of chicks (1) (2015_09_28 11_13_35 UTC).JPG

Nest full of chicks (7) (2015_09_28 11_13_35 UTC).JPG

Black chicks sleeping (5) small (2015_09_28 11_13_35 UTC).jpg

Day 8
black chicks 8 days old (2) (2015_09_28 11_13_35 UTC).JPG

The feeding never stopped, not for a minute.
Mrs B and chicks (1) (2015_09_28 11_13_35 UTC).JPG

About 14 days after the first egg hatched the chicks began to fledge
Blackbird fledglings 3 (2015_09_28 11_13_35 UTC).JPG

Each day there would be 1 less chick in the nest
blackbird fledglings small (2015_09_28 11_13_35 UTC).jpg

Until the nest was empty again
nest empty crop small (2015_09_28 11_13_35 UTC).jpg

Mrs B then continued to feed the chicks for a few days on the ground. They stayed as hidden as possible much of the time, but soon made their way in the lower branches of trees, and then up and up until they were ready for their maiden flight from one tree to another. They still stayed close to parents, getting help with feeding and hunting and learning what was good to eat and what was not.

Blackbirds (15) (2015_09_28 11_13_35 UTC).JPG

I learnt the many calls of Mrs B who would call for me if there was ever a predator about so that I could go outside to scare them off. Usually it was a neighbour’s cat. Mrs B would even tap on the kitchen window until I showed up.

Mrs B outside kitchen (2) (2015_09_28 11_13_35 UTC).JPG

The chicks all grew and over the next few weeks they all went off to find their own feeding and breeding grounds. But they would often return to check things out here, and I am sure that I still get visited by the descendants of Mrs B.

All that Summer Mrs B was my constant companion in the garden and the feeding never stopped and we developed quite the raport. She was so used to me being close by that taking pictures was easy and I could watch her bath and preen.

Mrs Blackbird bathing (19) (2015_09_28 11_13_35 UTC).JPG

Mrs B preening crop (2015_09_28 11_13_35 UTC).jpg

Mrs B preening (5) (2015_09_28 11_13_35 UTC).JPG

I had never seen such devotion before, and certainly not as close and in as much detail. It was an honour to be a small part of it. Sadly, I don’t think all the chicks made it to adulthood but one can hope. And all too soon I saw things get the better of Mrs B and I was somewhat heart-broken for a while, and still think of her often.

While I think that cats are amazing creatures I also think it is a shame that there are so many of them with owners that don’t care about nature enough to give them collars with bells on. They do an insane amount of damage to the wild bird population of this small country of England.

It is, of course, probably best not to interfere with nature, but if you are going to then it has to be an absolute commitment as once you become a source of food or protection you will become relied upon and it will be to a great detriment should you neglect your duties even for a single day.

But the rewards are immense!

Original Art and Prints available.


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I have a few online shops with various designs available on a variety of items. I also have a shop for the sale and commission of original artworks too.

Redbubble is awesome and has a wide range of items and produces high quality prints on high quality products: Redbubble Shop


Spreadshirt is an excellent site for T-Shirts. The prints and materials are very good quality: Spreadshirt Shop


Etsy is where I sell original art and can take commissions too: Etsy Shop

Etsy Shop

I hope you find something you like either for yourself or as a present.

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Medusa ~ Pencil on Paper


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I found a wonderful photograph online to work from that I thought would make a great medusa drawing because of the pose.

I think I should have spent more time on the snakes positions but pretty much went with the fist things I came up with except for one or two adjustments. I will still add more detail to them and shading too.

There is a fabulous drawing by Boris Vallejo that I know well as I had a few books of his work when I was younger and I’m happy to say that I’m happier with my version than I expected to be. Obviously there is still room for a whole lot of improvement, and that’s good, as it will keep me busy 🙂


You can see more of my work here: Gallery

Do you have a favourite fantasy artist?

A Small Pond For Wildlife.


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I’ve always loved the idea of a pond but have never had a place where I could have one. But now that I’ve lived in my rented place for a while now I thought I’d dig a hole and fill it with water. Loved it immediately. And within a couple of weeks it had a frog! Since then I’ve added some plants and some odd pits of stone and old garden pots. After a month it looked like it had been there for years.


So much life appears so quickly and the pond goes through all kinds of cycles that suit different insects from clouds of microscopic creatures to beetles and snails. The birds love it!

Ribbiting, isn’t it!

No Tea-Time O’Clock?


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How to confuse a bear.

I was telling Lildeanobear aka Little Deano Bear aka Little DB aka Lil’D (smaller but older sibling to Deano Bear aka Big Deano Bear aka DB aka Big DB) the other day about how there are some times of the day that are not a tea-time of the day… well, not for me anyway. He looked so confused, and a little worried. I explained that if I drink tea after a certain time (Little DB doesn’t really do time as he (‘he’ is just the pronoun we use most of the time though LDB’s gender is unknown) has never learned to count) in the evening it will make me get up in the night to go for a wee. After a couple of seconds thought he said, ‘But wouldn’t you be getting up, anyway, for a cup of tea… and a samwich? I like cake!’

Forget me whats (1)

I couldn’t really say that this couldn’t be the case as then I would have to try to explain what was going on all night that stopped me from making tea. Lil D doesn’t sleep for very long periods of time, and as he (as I said) doesn’t really do time it all gets a bit confusing.

He does understand the number four (sometimes) because four rhymes with paw and he has four of those. However, there have definitely been occasions when his idea of what four actually is have strongly indicated that he still doesn’t fully grasp the idea of number/s.

Anyway… must be time for foursies!



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Work in progress pantoum. First poem I’ve written in over 10 years, probably.

We eat we shit we fuck and we die
some gestate and give birth
we kick we scratch we bite at life
ignoring the cost for all we’re worth

some gestate and give birth
have kids, keep chickens, work 9 to 5
ignoring the cost for all we’re worth
do all you can just to stay alive

have kids, keep chickens, work 9 to 5
sleep when you’re dead, make a bed of earth
do all you can just to stay alive
there’s no going back, no time to rehearse

sleep when you’re dead, make a bed of earth
we kick we scratch we bite at life
there’s no going back, no time to rehearse
we eat we shit we fuck and we die