Not my usual thing but I had a few ideas for cartoon style illustrations recently.

This Is Not Mohamed

After Rene Magritte

Feminist Lens

The Feminist Lens

signs and poor tents

Signs and Poor Tents

Hope you found them mildly amusing.


Hacker: A movie review.

This is an astonishingly bad film. The acting is adequate but somewhat two dimensional while the characterizations and scripting are stupidly caricature-like.

When they talk about visiting a website called The Dark Web as though they are using the actual dark web (peer to peer technology) is when I really gave up. They even refer to someone as The Head of the Dark Web!

Basically this film is nothing but propaganda and disinformation and is clearly against privacy laws and anonymity. It is exactly the opposite of what one would expect from a film with this title if it had been made by people with an interest in telling a story that has some basis in reality. It is cartoon-ish to say the very least.


Illustrating with a bear… or trying to!

As an illustrator, artist and designer I spend a lot of time on my own, researching, sketching and wondering around aimlessly thinking about silly and irrelevant things. It can get lonely and one can do an awful lot of talking to one’s self. Luckily for me I have a bear, and he / she / it keeps me company, and keeps me sane…. kind of.

While it is true that sometimes the bear can be a distraction and a little attention seeking, and can even stop me from working…

it is also true to say that I don’t mind as Little D can also be an inspiration at times

Little D sketch

and can sit so still while I sketch a portrait. As a reward for helping Little D often gets a present of a new item of clothing, made by our live-in seemstress and cake baker extraordinaire, Anna-Lena, who has this pattern to work from

Little D Outline

which has made all these possible… and more besides!


Luckily Little D loves books too, and is even writing one of his own!

Sometimes Big D comes to visit and these are the best times ever. They love to read and look at picture books together, as well as lots of playing around in the garden and in the house. The hats, gloves and scarves box is one of their favourite places to hide indoors.


But outdoors is their natural domain

So after some baking (bears need to keep their chocolate intake up to stay healthy and brown)

IMAG1188  it’s back outdoors for a little beer and a sleep

Beer bears (1)

Most of the time Big D lives in Swedenland with Anna-lena…

Big D and A

and Little D lives here with me…

Lil D and D

but they are never really apart….

Together bears

Now you know a little of what it is like to live with a bear while being an illustator.

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Have a great weekend!

More doodles! And a book cover illustration sneak peek.


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Whatto Interwebnets!

It was my birthday late last month and my wonderful partner, Anna-Lena, got me a copy of Shaun Tan’s The Bird King – an artist’s notebook, and it is both beautiful and inspiring to read and look at. I will never grow tired of it. My sister also bought me an actual artist’s notebook and I now have a few more sketches and doodles to share with the world.

Four doodles:

The picture below is a face, kind of, until you tilt your head to the left. Now it’s two cyclists about to go round a bend. I know that feeling!

Cyclists Face small

Here’s one from way back when. Nude self portrait. Included for no special reason:

seated self portrait

Here are four work in progress illustrations for a soon to be published novel. Jim West’s Magicae Series, Divide et Impera, Book 3 of 4. You can read about book one, Libellus de Numeros, here.

Below is the work in progress cover illustration for book 3.

Devide et Impera cover concept 15

Who are your favourite illustrators? Do you have a favourite illustrated story? Would love to hear from you as it is a great way of finding new art and artists and inspiration.

What story would you illustrate or like to see illustrated?

One day I hope to make one of my own!

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If you got this far, thank you, and Happy Holidays!

Doodle me this; Doodle me that.

Inktober came and went, and very enjoyable it was too. Not sure what happened to November, and now we are well into our way with December. But I did keep up with the sketching and doodling, inspired further by the gift from my partner of the wonderful book, The Bird King by Shaun Tan. – A book I’ve had for several weeks now but still have not got to the end of as I am revelling in each and every page.

Here’s some of my recent scribbles:

My beautiful sister.

Clair sketch small

Coat Creature.

Coat Creature 2 small Shorty (1)


Repunzelll small



Kettle Reflection.

Kettle Dean crop

Hope you liked the doodles. I love making these distorted figure drawings!

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And do please let me know what your favourite illustations and or illustrators are. I’m always open to suggestions and looking for new inspiration.

Merry Christmas!

Well, that was #inktober… what now?

Inktober has come and gone. I didn’t make a sketch a day but it was still very worth joining in and even I could see improvement in my pen-work by the end of the month.

Here are the final set of images made over the last two weeks of the month:

ink portrait #inktober by Dean HarknessBalck pen portrait sketchBlack ballpoint pen portrait sketch of young woman by Dean HarknessPortrait of man with long hair and beard in black pen. #inktober2015Wednesday Adams portrait in black pen. #inktober


















Balck pen portrait sketch of young woman.








Please see previous post for sketches from earlier in the month here.

As I’m keen to keep up the work I can’t help thinking that the next month should be called inkvember, or something, not that that sounds quite right…. any suggestions?

Inktober so far….

Having my first go at #inktober. Haven’t managed one a day but happy that I’ve managed any at all. I started off with an ink drawing / painting of a rook that I photographed in the garden (there are a lot of rooks around here… including the ones nesting in my chimney). Then I had a go at an old apple tree in the garden. Next came a little portrait of my partner, Anna-Lena. Since then I’ve made two portrait sketches, one a double portrait, using images I have found online as source material. Hope you like them, and I hope I keep incentivised and have more to share soon.
RookOld apple tree.Hoody Anna Woman with tattoo Face to face

Happy Inktober everybody!

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Illustrations and Cover Art and Design for Circulus de Potentia by Jim West


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August came to a good end with the completion of a book cover design and set of 10 illustrations for book two of Jim West’s Magicae series. As always I was still working on things right up until the last day, but there was no rush and no panic and things had run to course extremely well due to setting realistic completion dates at the outset. I so often get requests for cover design work just a few weeks before the work is needed and it’s never a good start to a project. Felt great to have enough time to work on this set of illustrations which included nine black and white drawings and one full colour cover painting. It’s great working with someone who can think like an illustrator and has clear ideas about what is needed; It makes the whole process a joy.

Other than one or two rough pencil sketches at the very beginning the rest of the project was entirely made digitally.

I started off thinking that I may make all nine of the black and white illustrations by using just one brush type in Photoshop and try to best replicate a pencil, and then use cross hatching and other techniques for filling in large areas of dark and for all detail shading. This was partly to ensure that there would be continuity between book one and book two. – I had made all nine illustrations for book one using pencil and paper.

With the first one or two illustrations I could already see that I was slipping from my decision to stick solely to trying to mimic pencil. While it can be done it kind of defeats the point of working digitally. However I did not want to completely abandon the initial restriction I had placed on myself, and what soon developed was a mixture of techniques whereby I used a relatively strict pencil-like brush for the characters in the foreground, and for background work I used much larger, painterly type brushes and used them very sparingly. Then I played with settings so that the two styles did not seem at odds with each other.

For the majority of the time, generally speaking, I work from source images often taken by and featuring myself and anyone else I can rope into it, or failing that a search online. Thanks to my wonderful partner, Anna-Lena, this is made so much easier when we are together as we both enjoy photography and the acting about and dressing up that is always required. Once I have the photos I need I can, if necessary, adjust them in Photoshop to suit the required age and gender of the character being portrayed.

The first two images below are the only ones made with nothing but a pencil-like Photoshop brush.


Dean Harkness Story illustration and Book Cover Design

Mada, and Maya with a pile of strings.

Dean Harkness Story illustration and Book Cover Design

Alex leaping across a wide river.

Dean Harkness Story illustration and Book Cover Design

Alex using a crystal to fend off a pack of wolves in a night-time forest scene.

Dean Harkness Story illustration and Book Cover Design

Diades and Demetrius gathering flames into the golden band of power.

Dean Harkness Story illustration and Book Cover Design

Man wearing a Minotaur’s mask and charging out of a labyrinth.

Dean Harkness Story illustration and Book Cover Design

Archimedes working through the night.

Dean Harkness Story illustration and Book Cover Design

Nyliaj and Alyal in the a night-time forest being chased by wolves.

Dean Harkness Story illustration and Book Cover Design

The Guardian, Rawna, comforting a wounded guardian in the arena.

Dean Harkness Story illustration and Book Cover Design

This is the completed cover illustration and layout design for the paperback version of the book.

Illustration by Dean Harkness_Circulus_de_Potentia_Book_Cover_Art_and_Design

I am very pleased to say that I will be working with Jim on book three of the Magicae Series next and expect to start on a new set of illustrations and a cover design any day now.

I hope you enjoyed the images and the bit of background info about the process.

Thanks for stopping by!

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“God is in the rain” Concrete lump with hand carved letters and bird bath.


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Hi folks!

I recently had a bit of a departure from illustration and design work. Many years ago my good friend, Jamie Sargeant, a sculptor of some renown, gave me a few pointers when it comes to carving letters in stone. I picked up only the most basic of techniques and never explored them fully, but gleeaned just enough to feel that some 20 years later it just might be worth giving it another go all-be-it in the simplest of styles.

It all started when I decided to have a closer look at a rock that was tucked away in a dark and overgrown corner of the garden at the base of a large hazel tree between two sheds. I lifted it out (without doing my back in!) to find that it is in fact what looks like a large random lump of concrete that had gone black on top with time and the dripping of sap etc.

The first thing I did, after it had sat in a new spot for a few days, was to begin carving out a bowl like shape in the top to collect water. I had no intentions to do much else at this stage.

My partner, Anna-Lena, was staying at the time and always inspires me to do more creatively-speaking.

Once I got into the rhythm of carving the bowl I knew I wanted to do more, so spent a couple of days trying to think of what could be added. Initially I was not thinking of adding anything that had too many letters as I knew they could be tricky and time consuming. I even thought I might only add a couple of letters, or a symbol of something. However, the line ‘God is in the rain’ entered my head early on and nothing came to replace it, and once I’d started to draw the letters out it didn’t seem as long as I first thought is was when it comes to the number of letters involved.

Birdbath by Dean Harkness

The quote fitted all too well, and needed very little adjustment in its placing and spacing, which was a very pleasant surprise. Not that it would withstand close scrutiny.

Birdbath by Dean Harkness

The placing of the quote and the use of capital letters for both God and Rain happened very organically and without thought. I’d created the bowl shape using a claw chisel but was feeling ready to give the lettering a go. The first couple of letters I carved didn’t go as well as they might have as I had forgotten to rest my left wrist on the rock with each strike of the chisel, so the carving was a bit shaky to say the least. Luckily Anna-Lena pointed out to me that I didn’t need to carve it in order of the letters going from left to right, but instead I could pick the easier letters to carve first. This was a very good move

I also got a new handle for the larger of the two mallets I have, and a new cleet to go in the end of the smaller of the two – a beautiful little lead lettering mallet. I’d be lost without these as far as this kind of work goes so it is very much worth keeping them in good condition and it made all the difference.

Dean Harkness birdbath

cleet in mallet head by dean harkness

Hand sculpted bird bath by Dean Harkness

Keeping a sharp edge on my chisels was one of the trickiest parts and not a skill I ever learned properly. However, I managed, but some new sharpening stones wouldn’t go a miss.

God is in the rain hand carved birdbath

Between carving the letters I did little bits on the bowl too and began to widen it out to the edge at this point.

God is in the rain hand carved birdbath

Below is a picture of how I worked. The whole process took a couple of weeks. I only carved a letter or two a day and each one took 30 minutes to an hour to do. The bowl took quite some time – possibly about the same amount of time as all the letters combined.

God is in the rain hand carved birdbath by Dean Harkness

But I did get some help during that time.

Deano Bears stone carving

Once all the letters were carved I decided to remove the marks left by the claw chisel in the bowl part of the new birdath rock using a flat chisel. This went surprisingly well too. In the picture below you can see the area that is still left to be smoothed in the base of the bowl.

Dean Harkness hand carved birdbath

God is in the rain hand sculpted birdbath by Dean Harkness

I really love how the cut letters stand out from the stained surface of the concrete.

And it looks great in a typical English Summer!

God is in the rain hand sculpted birdbath by Dean Harkness

I repositioned the new birdbath to a spot a few feet away from a small apple tree in which I have hung several bird feeders that get plenty of use and need constant topping up. It took a few days but eventually I saw a wee birdy having a drink from it. Haven’t caught a picture yet but I’m sure I will soon.

View from the kitchen window, but it’s a good 20 paces away.

Birdbath View by Dean Harkness

The birdbath has been in its new spot for a couple of weeks now and in one sense is finished, but I’m inclined to think that I may do more to it yet, just in tidying up some of the letters and continuing to smooth out the bowl section.

This project was a real joy and a good reminder that it is always worth having a go at something one may have never tried before, or not tried for many years. It’s all about enjoying the process more than worrying about the results.

I am also encouraged to have another go as this concrete lump was so uneven and un-consistant in its texture throughout that a smoother and more even material might be fun to try next. I may use some cement I have to make a surface to carve into. This might prove easier than trying to get a piece of stone from somewhere. It’s not cheap and not easy to transport when one doesn’t drive.

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by.

Have you had a go at something new recently, or had another go at something you’ve not done for a long time? I’d love to hear about it! Please let me know with a comment below.