A Small Pond For Wildlife.


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I’ve always loved the idea of a pond but have never had a place where I could have one. But now that I’ve lived in my rented place for a while now I thought I’d dig a hole and fill it with water. Loved it immediately. And within a couple of weeks it had a frog! Since then I’ve added some plants and some odd pits of stone and old garden pots. After a month it looked like it had been there for years.


So much life appears so quickly and the pond goes through all kinds of cycles that suit different insects from clouds of microscopic creatures to beetles and snails. The birds love it!

Ribbiting, isn’t it!


No Tea-Time O’Clock?


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How to confuse a bear.

I was telling Lildeanobear aka Little Deano Bear aka Little DB aka Lil’D (smaller but older sibling to Deano Bear aka Big Deano Bear aka DB aka Big DB) the other day about how there are some times of the day that are not a tea-time of the day… well, not for me anyway. He looked so confused, and a little worried. I explained that if I drink tea after a certain time (Little DB doesn’t really do time as he (‘he’ is just the pronoun we use most of the time though LDB’s gender is unknown) has never learned to count) in the evening it will make me get up in the night to go for a wee. After a couple of seconds thought he said, ‘But wouldn’t you be getting up, anyway, for a cup of tea… and a samwich? I like cake!’

Forget me whats (1)

I couldn’t really say that this couldn’t be the case as then I would have to try to explain what was going on all night that stopped me from making tea. Lil D doesn’t sleep for very long periods of time, and as he (as I said) doesn’t really do time it all gets a bit confusing.

He does understand the number four (sometimes) because four rhymes with paw and he has four of those. However, there have definitely been occasions when his idea of what four actually is have strongly indicated that he still doesn’t fully grasp the idea of number/s.

Anyway… must be time for foursies!



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Work in progress pantoum. First poem I’ve written in over 10 years, probably.

We eat we shit we fuck and we die
some gestate and give birth
we kick we scratch we bite at life
ignoring the cost for all we’re worth

some gestate and give birth
have kids, keep chickens, work 9 to 5
ignoring the cost for all we’re worth
do all you can just to stay alive

have kids, keep chickens, work 9 to 5
sleep when you’re dead, make a bed of earth
do all you can just to stay alive
there’s no going back, no time to rehearse

sleep when you’re dead, make a bed of earth
we kick we scratch we bite at life
there’s no going back, no time to rehearse
we eat we shit we fuck and we die

Collumbian Marching Powder. Gak. Charlie. Sniff. Toot.


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Thing is I can’t even remember if I’d had a piss or not. All I know is I had coke on me and had just dropped my knife down the kharzy. Plip! The pub I was in was a total dive and always had been – frequented by every low-life king of the world (including me) – I dread to think what had gone down that U-bend. But without a moment’s hesitation my hand dived in and grabbed the knife – this coke ain’t gonna cut itself! I gave it a quick rinse and dried it off, washed me hands and went back into the bar to carry on drinking and talking shit.

The only thing I know about coke for absolute certainty is that you will regret every single line of it.

This is a snippet of a memory from about 15 years ago. They were very druggy days. Such a waste, really, but it’s what we do… isn’t it?

Crowd Funding for a Mad Starving Artist


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Hello dear art lover!

I am a self employed, full time artist and have been for some years now. I struggle to make a living and most months I am one rent cheque away from eviction. I live very frugally and put as much as I can of what I earn back into new projects and materials.

I have never asked for money in any way online before, but I now see many people using this method successfully to enable them to continue working as a creative / content creator. As someone who works and lives alone I don’t really have much of a support network to speak of (don’t get out much, you see?) I’m really hoping that seeking patrons is the way to go.

I am not entirely sure how to go about it so fingers crossed I’ve got this right. I’ve set up a Patreon account and may monetize posts where I can on places like Minds.com and possibly only there.

As little as £1 or $1 a month for regular updates of work-in-progress pictures and sculptures could go towards keeping me with a roof over my head and food in my belly. Not to mention materials and supplies etc., which have become insanely expensive these days.

For larger monthly donations and one-off contributions I am offering original artworks, mostly illustrations, but also paintings and small sculptures. Simply send me a picture to work from and I will make an original piece of art. It can be a picture of anything at all.

I have also set up a ‘Goal’ on Patreon. The Goal is to make the garage in the garden into a studio so that I can work more easily all year round and create many more pieces of art and hopefully more sophisticated works of art too.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope it persuades you to become a patron, and if it does I will be eternally grateful.


Mini Rant about Typos… but not really.


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The  moronically retarded level of literacy on the Internet is staggering. 8 or 9 out of 10 posts on any given site, and obviously on social media, are littered with typos, mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation. And that’s even from accounts from which one would expect better. On social media in particular and in comment sections of other websites most things posted are only semi-coherent. – One usually has to do some of the work to decipher the intended meaning, and often give the benefit of the doubt when things say one thing but almost certainly mean another. Just don’t expect that to be appreciated.

Here is my favourite example of how important punctuation and a knowledge of grammar are when it comes to writing:

Smith where jones had had had had had had had had had had had the teachers approval

The above is a perfectly coherent sentence. One simply needs to know where to put the punctuation and capital letters in order to make it make sense. So:

Smith, where Jones, had had, ‘had’ had had, ‘had had’. ‘Had had’ had had the Teacher’s approval.


If you still can’t quite get it this might help: The above scenario is where two students have handed in some writing. In one piece of writing the student had written ‘had’. The other student had written ‘had had’.

I do appreciate that there are a lot of perfectly literate people online and that I am not the most literarilly accurate. However it does piss me off to see this rapidly accelerating decrease in the standards of communication, while at the same time there is an accelerating increase in the amount of this shit going on.

Words and language are thoughts and ideas! Sort them out!

Or not… I don’t really give a fuck.

“Here we are again…


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happy as can be, all good friends and jolly good company.”

First there was the 4 minute warning. Then AIDS. Then WMD’s. Now it’s some other made up bollocks just like the ones before. There’s always something about to end the world. But the world goes on. And can change into something unrecognisable in a heartbeat because of something that happens to you, personally. But the world goes on.

I wish I loved the human race
I wish I loved its silly face
I wish I liked the way it walks
I wish I liked the way it talks
And when I’m introduced to one
I wish I thought, ‘What jolly fun!’

Walter Raleigh (No, not that one).

Anti-Feminism. Toxic Masculinity. Trump. Left is Right; Right is Left. The Red Pill. Real Artificiality. Alternative Facts. Nano-Fractal-Quantum-Computers. WAR DEATH TERRORISM. D’oh! What goes down comes up. Public Privacy. Smart Things. Anti-Social Media Platform. Freedom of… Shhh! The future is… unpredictable. Tranny-Humanism. LGBTQ+%?*! Ctrl-Alt-Right-Delete. Sadam Obama Bin Ladin. Dark Matter / Doesn’t Matter.

signs and poor tents

A sad man who’s sane,
whose arm has been laden
with Twin Towels (9 x 11)
is fighting a bush over an oily ear rack.
Ewan counts ill. Finds 14 for tea, 1 in britches.
Coffee Anon.

Is IsIs is? Al Qae-Akber!

Taxation is theft. Jet fuel can’t melt steel. Alphabet Soup. The Powers That Shouldn’t Be. The Tiny Dot. SJW’s. Identity Card Politics. Madness gone PC. Full Spectrum Surveillance. MKUltra. MGM.

Home. Peace. Green. Lil D. Mrs B. Baking Bread. Fresh Eggs. Fruit trees. Winged Things. Creativity. Breathing. Love.

And it’s not even 9am!




The Red Pill – A film by Cassie Jaye

Or A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Cinema

Last month in Norwich I attended a screening (Possibly the UK premiere) of The Red Pill by Cassie Jaye. It was attended by a guest panel for a Q and A at the end of the documentary. It is a very significant film and therefore it was a very significant event.

The guest panel included Cassie Jaye, Erin Pizzey, Paul Elam, Mike Stephenson, Mike Buchanan and 3 special guest feminists Lucinda Bray, Katy Jon Went and Jessica Austin.

The event itself was made all the more significant just by the nature of what the organisers had to go through to get it screened, and to inform people of where it would be without the information getting out to the wrong people and the event getting cancelled due to complaints to the venue by people who are against the film being screened or viewed.

Barry White was the man behind getting this excellent documentary screened in Norwich. Luckily for all involved Barry was fully prepared for possible hurdles to the event taking place as there had already been a lot of publicity about the film, its director and what it was about. Most of this publicity was negative and it was only those of us that had been following the issues covered in the film and the people involved in it that knew that most of the publicity the film was receiving was false and extremely biased. Barry White had originally intended to show the film to a handful of people but, after all the push-back he got and the numerous cancellations by venues that had agreed on a screening, the film was eventually seen by a few hundred people.

This is how it went down:
People that had requested a ticket were told the location. A few days later we’d be informed that the venue had pulled out and that another was being sought. This was repeated a couple of times until eventually we were told that a venue had been secured but that it’s location would be kept secret till much closer to the date to avoid yet another cancellation. In the end, as it was unavoidable, it was arranged that those wishing to attend would all meet in a public place on a street at a specific time. So a hundred or more people all gathered on a Winter’s evening in the middle of town and were then lead by a couple of the organisers and a couple of security guards (better safe than sorry) a few hundred yards to where the cinema was located. It gave the event a palpable sense of excitement.

A minute or two after finding a seat I spotted Cassie Jaye sitting in the row in front of me and I so wish I’d taken the opportunity to say hello.

Before the film started the guest panel were introduced and Cassie Jaye spoke briefly about making the film over a period of three years.

The film was watched with great attention by all except a small group of young feminists sitting on the row behind me who were very resistant to the film and its message, but who I think will have been very effected by it by the time it ended.

I have to admit that the documentary was even better than I had dared hope it would be.

I had spent some time over the previous days trying to come up with a decent question to ask but hadn’t managed much. Quite a bit of the Q and A time was taken up by the 3 feminists telling us who they were and why they were there etc and that was a shame, but still, some very good questions got asked and very good answers given. The whole thing had gone off pretty perfectly.

There is a video of the Q and A here: Red Pill Q and A

After the Q and A people headed down to the front to say hello to Cassie and the rest of the panel, all of whom are very well known by anyone with any interest at all in human rights and gender equality. I made my way to the front of the stage and headed straight for Mike Stephenson (aka DrRandomercam). I’m such a fan that I was actually more flustered at meeting him that I realised I would be, but I did manage to ask for an autograph and he very kindly went several steps better and drew me a picture. I grinned for about two days.


I so wish I had taken the opportunity to get all their autographs and shake all their hands. They are a fabulous group of people an I don’t suppose the chance will come again.


I did manage to say hello and shake the hand of Mike Buchanan. A tireless worker for the equal human rights of men and boys.

I hope everybody gets a chance to see this important and eye opening documentary.


Please let me know if you are going or hoping to see this film, or if you have already seen it please tell me your experience.